Saturday, June 16, 2012

The big AQ getting another chance

Hello again.

Back for a bit. I'll work up a Syria post of course. Give me a day or a few I just got back to time free status. I am having a lil fun on twitter today though. I just stopped in to check if they took this dribble down. Nope!!!

Just for giggles here was my first thought when I started to pull together MENA and Central Asia news.

The Us is (kinda) helping.... Drum role :;::;;;:::;:::;;;:;;;
Al Qaeda!!! Syria's aspiring heirs. Back and bad ass. Throngs of these lil darlings are leaving areas where US forces work with propped up dictators to kill them (Yemen for sure judging by the domino of towns forfeited by them in the last few weeks) to a haven of spiraling violence where even states supporting them don't know what they want (except of course obedience which they have no idea how they will get). Another shot at a state for the big AQ (See; US & Saudi support AQ "the head" of the Afghan Mujahedin vs USSR) The problem is, the same, these guys are great fighters but they can't be controlled. Even if they could not by the likes of the US and Al Saud whom they hate. Ooo let coin (pardon the pun) them AQL.

Quick though...
1, This isn't gonna be quick so they will have masses of people in the not to distant future willing to trade liberty for security and they be there for them.
2, The cheap merc crowd can't hang with these boys and will be ejected instead of mopping them up when asked.
More later.