Saturday, April 30, 2011

Todays games in Libya and India

Gadhafis plan to use tribes to take and hold Misurata is shaping up… The Libya war had expanded into Tunisia (Should be expected as this is a strategic regional war involving States and Alliances of dueling interests. The adversaries China and the US via The spiteful alliance members Turkey-France via. While Saudi Arabia, with the GCC in tow, battle Iranian ghosts everywhere. Iran, Syria, Israel, and Egypt have to be jockeying in the mix somehow, perhaps strange bedfellows on this one?)… Wooo Hooo!!!

India rejected US fighter offer narrowing its options to either the French Rafale or the EU Typhoon. The US had offered its upgraded versions of the F16 and/or F18 fighters. The rejection seem sound on many levels.
1, It is likely to be domestically popular move. There is deep concern in India over overt alliances in the “great game”.
2, Perhaps it is a tactically prudent move. Pakistan uses the F16, India will benefit from increased cooperation with the EU

Friday, April 29, 2011

News Brief "sort of"

Hamas and the PA are reconciling, maybe. Israel says "peace talks" a no go if it happens. Many just roll their eyes at the notion of "Peace Talks" at this point anyhow. The clearest sign of a reconciliation happening will be the opening of the Gaza border with Egypt. Once this border opens it may very well stay open. So it may be a bargaining chip only once.

The coalition of the willing have put out an op-ed saying they will continue "humanitarian" non-war killing  in Libya until regime change takes place. Robot assassins have already begun their lifeless duty to destroy all that is not acceptable to the US in Libya.

The US is further militarizing the CIA (and the country) now putting a four star general in charge. That should be no surprise after the treatment of Bradly Manning. His treatment can surely be defined as extended "Enhanced Interrogation"  The Empire is coming home to the roost. 

Spooky security twitterers freak out and start screaming spy, more specifically "honey trap" (mmm yummy), over sexy security tweetete. Very funny!

I woke up this morning turned on the tv and bam. The Red Coats were on the move. I was terrified!

Quick smack down

When it comes to Iran some things are on the table in regards to name calling. The US establishment typically calls the President of Iran a dictator while at the same time referring to the establishment as a theocracy. A bit confusing to some. Here are a few reasons.

1, Iran is neither a theocracy nor a dictatorship and that's hard to explain without using big people words.
2, Most western leaders prefer to avoid the term Supreme Leader for egotistical reasons. Thus focusing on the President is easier.
3, Destroying the English language through befuddling nonsensical statements is a curious American political pastime. (See; humanitarian non-war bombing missions, the rendering of the word fascism to meaning little more than bad “now look over there at all the fascists!”, or referring to attacks on warships as terrorism “Hey you sank my cotton candy and hugs dispenser”)

Friday, April 22, 2011


A real humanitarian issue may be approaching. Bahrains protestors have been subject to dehumanisation. We know what that leads too. Once people are "cockroaches" they are much easier to kill.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cowboys Ninjas and Jihad

lol hahaha I'm such a dork!
Don't try to search it it won't work.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moral War Arguments DOA

The moral arguments for and about the attacks on Libya consistently get discredited. Genocide invokes a more serious problem then seems to have existed in Libya. There were none of the tell tale signs of an impending genocide like a campaign to dehumanize a race or religious sect. Perhaps Gadhafi was just biding his time, over the last few decades until the right moment came along to wipe out large segments of the population. However the fighting had not left a cluttered trail of bodies as Gahdafis forces retook cities. So it seems unlikely. This was a civil war and it was already winding down.

Even if R2P (the UN rule of right to protect populations from genocide) was applicable the spirit of resolution 1973 was violated from day 1. Ground attacks started immediately which has decimated the Libyan Military. Now it would be all but impossible for their military to even defend the states borders.

Gadhafi’s forces are fighting and defending from urban terrain as are the Rebels. They do this because it would be stupid to stand in the open and wait to get shot. Urban terrain offers both cover and

war brief

An Italian peace activist was killed in Gaza. Hamas says it was done buy Israel. Israel coined "Al Qaeda in Gaza" through their intel mis-direction website and said it was them.

Iran hates the Saudis who hold a threat of sectarian or ethnicity conflict over them every time they say Bahrain.

Western backed Hariri continues to punch above his weight, presumably at Saudi directive, and blames Iran for all the Arab problems.

Saudi mad mad at US. Cut oil production. High profile meetings with Pak and China.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Human Rights in the US

China putting soft power to work. Copying directly from the US playbook. Here's the link...

Monday, April 11, 2011


I can't find the hard number for our percent chance of being killed by terror. I'm pretty sure that's a conspiracy. That aside I did find these numbers to reinforce your fear. They come directly from a source trying to manipulate you into having a false sence of security. Have a look as I decimate their PROPOGANDA!

12 tricks of the so called anti-terror propogandists!

You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack (Trains instructor was a terrorist!)
You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack (Sneaky terrorist took all the cancer research funding away!)

You are six times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack (Global Warming Terror!! GWT hmmm)
You are eight times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack (Terrorist made you stick the fork into the outlet and left before any one saw him!)
You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane (Terrorist took the fuel out and put a brick in to keep the guage high!)

Saudi Electric Slide

On the Arabist there's a post to a video "Where is Kahled" (We know with no certainty very well where he is), Anyways beyond important matters. This was next in line after that. Lay down and boogie and play that funky music till you drop.  


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Muckity Muck

Sad but true. Saudi Arabia has decided that democracy doesn’t work. Title says it all. However in the FP community the best read will be The Sweet Smell of the Counter Revolution in AT. After Suadi Arabia cowing all the Super (US-silent as as outer-space on Bahrain), Great (China- bigger importer of SA oil than the US), and Rising (Turkey- if you want to rise better not pick a fight with us was the message from SA that changed the Turks toon) powers. Now it has it's sight on all the revolutions, and is likely even rooting for President Assad to be there unlikely asset in that department (make a point... since Bahrain can't make news anywhere Syria can make a little (not to much the US and Israel what him to stay now… the bad mouthing and sanctions were only to keep Syria weak not to get the people representation)). These revolutions, in the Saudi mind set, need to crushed or if already taken place co-opted. Lesson of the day; Show them the road to fear and make them bow. 

The quickest Pak brief ever

This is the a must read if you want to know about Pakistanis condition and roll in the "Great game". Being a frontline state is not easy and it is even less easy to remove a state from that roll. Being a frontline state is often based more on geography than ideology. This being the case it is all but impossible to extricate from the roll. The writer not only covers the condition and key points but also offers suggestions as to what actions he believes Pakistan should take. What Pakistan Must Do
O Important point! It doesn't cover Baluchistan in great depth. The concept of disintegration is made but here is a little background.
It is a strategic port area.
It covers about half of Pakistan territory. While it only about 5 of the 180 or so million citizens of Pakistan.
Has most of the energy resources.
Could potentially be a free trade zone.
Great powers often break up non-compliant states. This makes them weak and dependant on outside protection.
It would be a boon for arms dealers not only to have a war but to have a new vassal state in need of an entire military.
The West almost child like obsession with Iran will come into play here.
It would be an offer hard to refuse if the backing to proceed came with an alliance with a super power. Especially if it meant escaping from Pakistan’s enormous debt.
There is an existing movement to succeed.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hilarious Danger Room

Somebody was drunk with disgust at the Wired Blog. This is great!

 Be relieved. You’ve made it through airport security with more than enough time before your flight boards. Go to the bar and order a drink. Wi-Fi’s inexplicably good here, so you might as well check Twitter. Suddenly @DHS lets you know: OMG UR ABOUT 2 DIE

Two Cents;
Unless the color coded chart was supposed to turn each and every American into a Anti-terrorist supper hero the old system sucked. Now they want to lessen the ridiculousness of it, however unlikely that is to work. Perhaps it will spare the "folks" in Montana a few trips to the bat cave though.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maybe a war?

has made the pre moves for war in Lebanon and Palestine. Probably weighing lots of issues but militarily they are confident and they may view the time as expedient.

1, Release of What it says are Hezbollah military sites in Lebanon. Presumably to "prove" that those little colored dots are fair game.
2, Goldstone redacted the UN report with his name on it. Presumably to wipe the slate clean.
3, Chatter of Hezbollah in Libya. On the far from confirmed end were rumors of Hezbollah acquiring WMD's.
4, Renewed aggression on Gaza. Israel intentional hit Hamas men even though Hamas had been trying to control the rocket fire.

5, Syria is awol due to domestic problems. This may limit their response to new engagements. It also


Stephen Walt steps up again with a must read piece covering The top 5 reasons we keep on fighting these wars in an article called "Are we addicted to war". Strangely he also has a post titled the "The top 5 reasons we go to war" that makes the point of how misleading it was no certainty there was a humanitarian disaster if the US didn't act. I say "Again" because of this piece "Where Do Bad Ideas Come From". He obviously thinks the latter is more important based on his capitalization. HAHA just kidding it is better written but some of the same topics keep jumping out.
Jesse Ventura believes the system is broke, no kidding! He would consider running with Ron Paul if Paul drops the GOP. Paul does refer to the system as a two party dictatorship.  My advise to any third party or non affiliate would be get a publicist! "Two Party Tyranny" sounds way cooler. ...TPT I like that! Nothing like a good slogan! It would be the first legitimate actor to get elected to the


Has turned the militaries of 50 states into renteir forces. (For some with no interest except kiss some ass and let or troops train on real people (kinda icky))
Changed the balance of power in the region (IE; destabilized Pakistan) and the world (IE; weakened the US... is at least partially responsible for causing a massive arms race).
Led to a massive lack of moral and legal accountability. (IE; humanitarian disaster... failure to prosecute war crimes... opened the door to the catastrophe in Iraq and the current situation in Libya... etc)
Failed to impose it’s will on Afghanistan. (AKA; Lost the war)

Is that about right?

Hey who’s idea was it to invade a land locked Central Asian state that is notoriously effective at repelling foreign occupation anyways.