Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt today

A clear path of succession was made. The naming of Omar Suleiman as Vice President, first VP in thirty years, may ease tensions of some concerned parties. He is of a military and intelligence background and should ease concerns of the military and of those opposed to the transfer of power to the current Presidents son.

Security forces, 350,000 strength and loathed by protestors, not visibly present in cities.

Military, 468,500 strength and embraced by the protestors, urges respect for curfew so they can hunt looters (it has been reported that the looters are the Security Forces).  Military has not engaged protestors nor security forces with direct force of arms. It is reported that the military has used its presence to protect Protestors on the ground with armor (see video here), intimidation (simply by their presence), and also using helicopters to clear the rooftops of security forces snipers.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blundering Pajama Pundit on Secret Societies


           Recently an article was published in FP. Its focus was Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh speech in Qutar. Hersh stated that the US Joint Special Operations Command is run by officers who believe they are in a holy war. He went even further by stating that they where also in Christian secret societies such as the "Knights of Malta" and "Opus Dei". The article was seemingly to denounce the notion with statements such as "conspiracy-laden diatribe" and "down hill from there".

          The article didn't come across the way he planned. The article just had too much Hersh and not enough denouncing. So another post was made where he again tried to denounce Hersh and clarify his own stance. With four points he provided more ammunition for conspiracy theorists.

1, In reference to the accusation there is a pervasive attitude of a Christian crusade he stated you would have to do a survey of JSOC. "Good luck with that" was his assessment of the possibility of that happening. He is correct there is no chance of a specop survey of whether they believe they are on a crusade.


Think tank proposal leaves to 80% of W. Bank to Israel

That was really nice of them!

First line of article; A pro-Israel US think tank released proposals that would reconcile allowing a majority of the settlers to stay in place with a Palestinian state through commensurate land swaps.

Two cents;
Sand swaps!!!

Political Adventurism

Prince Saud al-Faisal ; Saudi Arabia has "only [given up] with regards to the issue of mediation."

1; Life guard analogy; Hezbollahs going down and those who ally with them do so at their own peril.
2; Saudi Arabia is still interfering, they are just not mediating. They have picked sides and see no reason to speak to the other side.
2; Lebanese only hear what they want to hear; (This isn't going as planned. The Lebanese aren't reading the moves the way we would like.)
3; Location location location; Hassan Nasrallah is a puppet because he went to see the Iranian President,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild world of Sports

I felt that Huffpo needed to do a better job with this so I made my own filler piece off wikipedia, my intent was to have some fun not sure what theirs was.

Seldom seen by the western world is the sport of "Buzkashi". This sport is played with two teams and only one rule, no tripping. The objective is to get the carcass of a recently slaughtered beast into the goal, "The Circle of Justice". Competition is fierce and only the best steeds will do in this polo like sport. These hardcore sportsmen will dawn the toughest clothing they have to protect themselves from there opponents glancing blows and cracking whips. They will come from territories near and far to compete and the prize will be their pride. Teams will need speed, agility, coordination, and unrelenting toughness to find victory. The winning team will fight their way through the blocking, kicking, punching, and whipping of there opponents. At just the right moment one of the team will break free of the scrum. With the beast in hand and whip in mouth he will make a break for the Circle of Justice and lead his team to victory. Hard fought this victory will be sweet!!! This is the formidable sport of Buzkashi.


The French "Crimes"

          French foreign ministers convoy was pelted by Palestinians for a comment she didn't make about war crimes.

          The FM didn't call anything a war crime. While in Israel she did not call the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners a war crime. While in the Gaza strip she did not call the collective punishment of the inhabitants a war crime.  She did not call Israel’s settlement policies a war crime. She did not call the most recent assault on the strip a war crime. She did not she call the failure of Hamas to give Red Cross access to SSGT Gilad Schalit a war crime.
          Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bernard Valero, told reporters that France “strongly supports the Gazan population” He made no accusations of war crimes nor compicity in them.

Trickle to Crisis

Push NY Times 

            “It’s on the razor’s edge,” Walid Jumblatt, a politician and a leader of the Druse minority who has emerged as a kingmaker, said in an interview. “I can see the nervousness of Hezbollah and the Syrians. They feel — and they are right to feel — outmaneuvered and betrayed.”

Special Tribunal for Lebanon is expected to name high ranking members of Hezbollah for the assassination of the former PM of Lebanon. The current PM, the son of the assassinated PM, is allied with US and Saudi Arabia (the “West”) against Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. The "West" insists the STL is not in the hands of the Lebanese government on the continuation of the STL work and have taken up financial responcibility for it. Hezbollah believes that the STL is an American Israeli tool to attack them and want a Lebanese Gov that will abolish all further cooperation and denounce the STL.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The American Congressional Complex

The American Congressional Complex

Push for Asia Times; "Giant weapons maker becomes Big Brother", By William D Hartung

Push for CFR for the little idea received from the interview "Military-Industrial Complex, Fifty Years On" ("the military-industrial-technological-congressional complex.") the theme of this piece.

           America’s most influential think tank conducts a fluff interview on the military industrial complex. Asia Times bites back with one company.

           Asia Times article covers just one of the most powerful companies in the world, non other than Lockheed Martin. LM has operations in all fifty states. It did so to be sure that it would have a lobbying platform with some local faces and economic benefits in all the states. LM did this to be sure that the F-35 (being that it is late, costing more, and leaving air forces with fewer planes) flies. It was however in all fifty

The conspiracy not covered by the West

Push to BBC for publishing this cheeky piece without an author.

         Israel appears to have attempted to kidnap Chinese and Japanese tourists in Egypt. Egyptian security forces claim this was an attempt at harming the Egyptian economy. While this may be true a more devious plan would be to encourage anti Arab and Muslim sentiment in those countries. Any rift, whether political or public, in these Asian countries would, at least presumably, bolster Israel’s standing (Zero Sum). Increased standing would lead to stronger diplomatic, economic, and intelligence strength for Israel. They already want the tourists.

         Common where are the Arabs at? They used to be so good at this conspiracy stuff. Somebody see a Buzzard in Saudi Arabia or the Shark in the Mediterranean?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tunisia to the dismay of Saudi

An influential Saudi daily reports on Tunisia http://www.asharq-e.com/news.asp?section=2&id=23785
Confused and lacking any insight but truly Saudi. Almost a request to stop supporting unreliable dictators (Saddam mentioned along with Bin Ali) because the scene of collapsing regimes wasn't good for them, or the US for that matter.
Here's a sumation;
1 Why doesn’t this happen where we want
2 We don't know what happened
3 US policy is at fault
4 Kingdoms and Emirates are far more open than Republics (So they say)
5 And a very sarcastic argument for Democracys to be stable, sort of? More of a poke in the eye because ME watchers watch them, a little told you so sarcasm? Kingdoms are better!

Wiki Fun

via huffpo, via newser, http://gizmodo.com/5733304/man-sues-wikileaks-and-julian-assange-for-150-million-over-emotional-distress push for cracking this baby open!

Less than "cents"

Apparently some moron has decided to file a lawsuit for 150 million for stress related to fear of nuclear war. He managed to link this to its obvious source “wikileaks”. I guess we’ll see if the judge believes theres a posibility that a non-nuclear, non-state, man with an ankle bracelet is the cause of his stress.
Source not verified by ThinkWT it is all over.

In other WikiTastic (however totally untrue in this case) news;
IBF; cracks non-death of moron case. IBF asserts Julian Assange (AKA; Wiki Warrior, Spaz Tastic, and Fuzzy Bear) on conspiracy to commit involuntary manslaughter.

Profound Reversal of US policy on Tunisia?

Pundit Push goes to Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and Chair of Mid-Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco for his article. This article gives a good backround of the relationship between Tunisia and the US.  U.S. Backs Tunisian Dictatorship in Face of Pro-Democracy Uprising


In a welcome reversal from the Secretary of States “wait and see”, albeit after the fact of seeing, the US President backs free and fair elections for an allied Arab state. After a day where Tunisia saw three presidents in twenty-four hours it has come to light that the state has a Constitution to deal with the fallout. The Tunisian Constitution stipulates, according to the Constitutional Council, that the Speaker of Parliament will assume power as President and elections must be held within 45-60 days. 

Two Cents;

Bravo, to the US President, on the free and fair portion. The Tunisian Constitutional Court made no mention of these elements.
This is an opportunity to give Democracy a chance in Arabia away from some of the more profound national interest issues of the Persian Gulf. The upcoming elections will undoubtedly effect US national interests in very broad and, problematically, unpredictable ways. The world is watching and a successful

Push "Where do bad ideas come from, and why dont they go away?

In this article Mr. Walt does the good service of stating the need for reflection on the past and have a look in the mirror.
We thank Mr. Walt for his contribution and here by give him our "Pundit Push".

“Two cents”;

 "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana,  Reason in Common Sense

No good quote however I will add "If one has a false impression of himself his impression of everything else is in jeopardy" ThinkWT

It is always a service to people in general to have a mirror held up to them from time to time and the same goes for states. This same element of reminding a state of what it looks like and where this may leadUS has to have a look in the mirror when it relates to a lot of things including domestic and foreign affairs. It also must believe its eyes instead of attempting to put “lipstick on a pig” if that is what it sees. It is and will continue to be a flaw for the US to fall prey to the belief that it is more important to use power to preserve power than it is to lead with it, where as it could preserve and perpetuate itself.