Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wiki Fun

via huffpo, via newser, http://gizmodo.com/5733304/man-sues-wikileaks-and-julian-assange-for-150-million-over-emotional-distress push for cracking this baby open!

Less than "cents"

Apparently some moron has decided to file a lawsuit for 150 million for stress related to fear of nuclear war. He managed to link this to its obvious source “wikileaks”. I guess we’ll see if the judge believes theres a posibility that a non-nuclear, non-state, man with an ankle bracelet is the cause of his stress.
Source not verified by ThinkWT it is all over.

In other WikiTastic (however totally untrue in this case) news;
IBF; cracks non-death of moron case. IBF asserts Julian Assange (AKA; Wiki Warrior, Spaz Tastic, and Fuzzy Bear) on conspiracy to commit involuntary manslaughter.