Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild world of Sports

I felt that Huffpo needed to do a better job with this so I made my own filler piece off wikipedia, my intent was to have some fun not sure what theirs was.

Seldom seen by the western world is the sport of "Buzkashi". This sport is played with two teams and only one rule, no tripping. The objective is to get the carcass of a recently slaughtered beast into the goal, "The Circle of Justice". Competition is fierce and only the best steeds will do in this polo like sport. These hardcore sportsmen will dawn the toughest clothing they have to protect themselves from there opponents glancing blows and cracking whips. They will come from territories near and far to compete and the prize will be their pride. Teams will need speed, agility, coordination, and unrelenting toughness to find victory. The winning team will fight their way through the blocking, kicking, punching, and whipping of there opponents. At just the right moment one of the team will break free of the scrum. With the beast in hand and whip in mouth he will make a break for the Circle of Justice and lead his team to victory. Hard fought this victory will be sweet!!! This is the formidable sport of Buzkashi.