Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mote Dogs and the Risk of War

The National journal has a "Mote Dog" (Mote Dog = inspired by and/or designed to inspire militant nationalistic sentiment) or piece on the Joint Special operations Command. The following, while not cited or referenced to any source or evidence, is in the piece;

Created in 1980 after the disastrous hostage-rescue mission in Iran, JSOC is part of the U.S. Special Operations Command that oversees the various special-operations commands of the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Over the past 10 years, JSOC units have been essential to U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. JSOC has fought a silent but successful proxy war against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards—even, National Journal has learned, engaging directly with its soldiers in at least three countries. It has broken up nuclear-proliferation rings. JSOC has developed contingency plans to safeguard Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in the event of a coup in that nation. It has killed Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon and Hamas terrorists on the West Bank. Its intelligence unit helps Colombian commandos dismantle lucrative drug rings that finance Hezbollah operations around the world. It has provided intelligence that has helped to break up domestic terrorism rings.

No where in the Article does it mention that it is unconstitutional for the US Military to police American Citizens, conduct assassinations, and conduct military operations without Congressional approval. It doesn't mention the risk of setting off unwanted and unwinnable wars. It doesn't mention that Hezbollah and Hamas are not engaged in armed conflict with the US and actions in Lebanon and Palestine only stand to gain more organizations determined to attack it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bibi Broadsides Obama

This press conference was clearly a set up. The President couldn't expect Bibi was basically going to say '''your wrong and everyone knows it. Now you do! Now that you know you should go tell the Palestinians that this occupation is forever.''' Netanyahu knew Obama would be trapped. Obama is a great debater if he knows he's about to have one (Not that he would have had this debate in public). There is no way he saw this coming. He would never have given the concessions speech he gave the day before if he had.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big day for the US and Allies

Israel has injured at least one and arrested another US citizen, killed at least a dozen unarmed people, wounded hundreds, fired on an aid ship, and violated the sovereignty of two states (Bullets travel). 

Pakistan has exchanged fire with both US and Indian forces over the course of about twenty four hours. Pakistan has at least been accused of letting Chinese engineers examine US stealth helicopter.

The some French politicians have condemned the US legal system for arresting one of their citizens on sex offence charges. Conspiracy theories are spewing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Libya and Strategic Interests

If you don't understand the Libya intervention it has to do with this stuff, in no particular order. Piss poor writing and inappropriate commentary a result of my piss poor attitude and lack of concentration today. Maybe I'll clean it up later.

1, Oil (Libya has the largest reserves in Africa), Gas (23rd largest reserves in the world), Water (the largest fossil water aquifer in the world),  and any other resources there (Need I say more on the control of the worlds natural resources?)
2, Wheelus Air Base. Wheelus’ location and climate made it for about two decades indispensable to Air Force operations until Gaddafi gave them the boot.(The planes are back where's the base?)
3, Arms sales to a military that now needs to be rebuilt (cha ching). There was also 4 billion in Russian contracts to sell air defense to Libya so this was preempted. (Comrade do you have a dollar the Americans stole my lunch?)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Futile Pakistan post

Lets hope that all this screaming nonsense in the US about Pakistan does not turn into a will of influence and force matter. In order for that not to happen the following should be the path.

Three requirements;

1, Stop threatening Pakistan. The dreamy imperialists need to accept that the creation of the new greater ME map is dead. So why hold the threat of a Baluchistan over Pakistan? We hear constantly that Pakistan must be protected then everything done, overtly and covertly, leads to instability. Naivety at best lunacy at worst.

2, Stop threatening Pakistan. A US attack on Pakistan would be a catastrophe, regardless of weather a terrorist attack was planned there or not. The calamity that would ensue would certainly trigger a massive and far more destructive war.

3, Stop threatening Pakistan. Not to go all moral but Pakistan has been a front-line state for fifty plus yrs for the US. Its deep state is a direct response to this role. This is a US made mess and it should do the all the things necessary to alleviate the problem so Pakistan can find itself.

Three suggestions;

Cast of Caracters and Zombie Relations

I have nothing ready. So as everyone knows when you have nothing to say about international affairs you talk about zombies. So I whipped up this fun little piece. You just might laugh. 

Funny scenario. Admittedly Zombie enthusiasts might say this is about an alien invasion (I made that up because I have no idea).

The zombies rise. Eat human brain and spit it out! They eat animal brains instead. These have fewer toxins and most of these zombies are from a simpler time. Humans don't slaughter them like the Neanderthals for some odd reason. (On a side note many are actually undead skeletons and have a huge beef with the way they are depicted in pop culture.) A state by state analysis.

Friday, May 6, 2011

From the White House: New INFOSEC Guidelines

From the White House: New INFOSEC Guidelines
This is a post by By Michael Yon (Code name EMD = Embed Mote Dog). It lays out how "You have no right to know" in government red. More on the inconvenient truth problem. It seems like a joke but I don't know?

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Crooks, thieves, swindlers, embezzlers are all inv...

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Crooks, thieves, swindlers, embezzlers are all inv...: "' “I need about $2 to $3 billion, and we are hoping to get most or all of this,” he said, adding that he expects the United States, France, ..."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How about a... We won!

This is a status update without the bull. Not so much talking points unless we are openly talking about the "great game" now.

The US;
1, Killed or ran out all the terrorists in Afghanistan. At least those out to hit the US homeland including "bin Laden". If a terrorist is one who targets US civilians they're not there (as a side note).
2, Had the TAPI pipeline approved. This screwed Iran and China. India strategicaly weakened by the deal will likely draw closer to the US. Pakistan is a mixed bag fraught with problems (as usual). LNG and shipping got a boost and will leave who ever owns the sea (the US) in a more powerful position.
3, Built a relationship with a new political, military, and business elite in Afghanistan. Many are likely retain some influence after withdrawal. This will leave an access point for influence and Intelligence.

An American Awakened

This is so great! It was updated earlier. So reprint!!!

An American Awakened

I woke up the last night and my mind was churning. I didn’t know why. So I thought about what I did the day before.

Earlier in the day my apathy had been in full effect. I was working on numerous foreign affairs pieces and was sloshing through framing, wording, and sourcing. For the sourcing I had about a dozen pages and pdfs open when my computer decided to take an unexpected break. That was good because I was accomplishing nothing.

I ran into an article on human rights in the United States, once back online. I saw a challenge so I started writing. The piece began to take the shape of a strategy of informational warfare against the United States. The  report I read was from China and I became uncomfortable and decided against publishing. Again more wasted time.
My day of reading and barely writing was coming to a close. Just one more thing, put something on the blog.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't like them? "Kill them!"

Gadhafi's youngest son and three grandchildren were killed in Libya. Add that to 1986 assault that killed Gahdafis daughter and you come up with five, count them five, of the mans family that have been killed by the US. So not only will the US assassinate states leaders but it will also wipe out their families. Touching foreign policy. Walt covers how this norm may come back to bite the US.