Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bibi Broadsides Obama

This press conference was clearly a set up. The President couldn't expect Bibi was basically going to say '''your wrong and everyone knows it. Now you do! Now that you know you should go tell the Palestinians that this occupation is forever.''' Netanyahu knew Obama would be trapped. Obama is a great debater if he knows he's about to have one (Not that he would have had this debate in public). There is no way he saw this coming. He would never have given the concessions speech he gave the day before if he had.

Saying 1967 was merely lip service language for 'lets get to negotiations the way we always have'. (AKA by BSing). Bibi thinks Obama was serious about a 'real' solution. So he gave his real position---->>> NO! Now he's gone and taken BS off the table. In order to have negotiations the US will have to learn a new way of starting them or find a new partner for them.

The angling has begun.