Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mote Dogs and the Risk of War

The National journal has a "Mote Dog" (Mote Dog = inspired by and/or designed to inspire militant nationalistic sentiment) or piece on the Joint Special operations Command. The following, while not cited or referenced to any source or evidence, is in the piece;

Created in 1980 after the disastrous hostage-rescue mission in Iran, JSOC is part of the U.S. Special Operations Command that oversees the various special-operations commands of the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Over the past 10 years, JSOC units have been essential to U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. JSOC has fought a silent but successful proxy war against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards—even, National Journal has learned, engaging directly with its soldiers in at least three countries. It has broken up nuclear-proliferation rings. JSOC has developed contingency plans to safeguard Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in the event of a coup in that nation. It has killed Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon and Hamas terrorists on the West Bank. Its intelligence unit helps Colombian commandos dismantle lucrative drug rings that finance Hezbollah operations around the world. It has provided intelligence that has helped to break up domestic terrorism rings.

No where in the Article does it mention that it is unconstitutional for the US Military to police American Citizens, conduct assassinations, and conduct military operations without Congressional approval. It doesn't mention the risk of setting off unwanted and unwinnable wars. It doesn't mention that Hezbollah and Hamas are not engaged in armed conflict with the US and actions in Lebanon and Palestine only stand to gain more organizations determined to attack it.
 It never mentions their military has lost every war they have fought in the last lawless ten years. It never mentions that democracy is unsustainable when presidential decrees are systematically withheld from public scrutiny. Nope no mention of this stuff. It was written to perpetuate the idea that breaking domestic and international law is an operational requirement. Along with to make the militant American people even more militant.

For a real look at how dangerous JSOC has become see this by Seymour Hersh it covers how JSOC was being misused by the Bush admin (Since Obama kept all his policies we can assume they are still being misused) to prepare the battlefield for war with Iran. How JSOC had been co-oped as the presidents personal army and how CENTCOM was being circumvented and a General retired because of it. It also covers how if JSOC stumbles along the way it could ignite a war. How Al Qaeda (who ever they work for) planned on taking its two greatest enemies Iran and the US by conducting a False flag attack that could be attributed to Iran (Perhaps everyone should be worrying about Mossad (motto; wage war through deception) or one of the JSOC offshoot private armies (motto; show me the money) conducting a similar operation). It's a great piece on the topic of lawless JSOC and the established fact that war with Iran would be a catastrophe.

Foreign Policy rules 101; When Neocons, Zionists, and Salafi extremists have their stars aligned nothing good will come of it.