Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some reads

Lizzie's Liberation via Info Clearing house on the IMF DSK strangeness. I asked it before... Since when do the most powerful people in the world get debarked from planes in cuffs?

TRDefence reprint of Stratfors view on Polands strategic turn. I'll add a quick summery due to both US decline and its security arrangements with Russia and their inability to count on the EU states Poland, Hungry, Czech Republic, and Slovakia have started a new security arrangement outside of NATO called Visegrad.

Syria Comment has a great first hand report from by an American in Syria. Syria in fragments takes us into the radicaliztion of the country on a personal level.

Freidman Quote line in his conversation with Zarkaria "You know, you change Bahrain -- like Egypt implodes, Libya implodes, Bahrain implodes. Syria explodes".