Sunday, June 5, 2011

Destroying the Bloggers

Not long ago if you were to click on the blogs section on google you would find a new world. This new world was where information never delivered by the main stream media got out. This is a trend being killed by the media itself. Now when switching to the blog section you will find the main stream media "blogs".

The main stream media "blogs" are designed to appear more informative compared to the "news" pages. This might be true however they tow exactly the same misinformation lines. So they are not more informative in any valuable way. They add extra info to placate the readers into believing they know "what's really going on". So the info is designed to give the reader a false sense of empowerment.

You can still get to real blogs but they are being obfuscated by "news" source "blogs" and it's a shame.

Just a quick post No time to expand on it now. Here is a few fun things to read about "news" media garbage and why blogs are so important to the flow of info.

Here is one in depth on the NYT changing its narrative by Yousef on "Permission to Narrate".

Here is Sarah Carr trashing this NYT bullshit attempt at real news (literally this was in the Africa "news" section not the comics, entertainment, or even the Op-ed page). 18 n'over lol.