Friday, June 24, 2011


For me the idea that the US doesn't want long term bases in Afghanistan sounds like a long shot. Perhaps it knows that it won't happen? Wapo claims that that is the end game. We'll see. A new study group is being set up they'll examine the best way forward. Yep wonder which of the 1500 think tanks papers will be used to examine how to "move forward" toward successfull to defeat? Hu?

Three on Israel.
The question of Israeli stupidity still being asked as former Mossad Chiefs passport revoked.
Did the US out an Israeli specops unit forward deployed to Iran?
Israel spies Israel spies a lot.

Climate of fear by Greenwald is awesome! No law no law at all.

Grand Old Parties (GOP's) Boehner shanghaied by Cantor!!! (Shanghaied... Back in the 17th and 18th century in back alleys behind orphanages and bars there were trap doors that were watched and opened on drunken people or wandering children,then the children or drunks were beaten up until unconscious and brought aboard a ship to do slave labor out at sea until they died.)