Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big day for the US and Allies

Israel has injured at least one and arrested another US citizen, killed at least a dozen unarmed people, wounded hundreds, fired on an aid ship, and violated the sovereignty of two states (Bullets travel). 

Pakistan has exchanged fire with both US and Indian forces over the course of about twenty four hours. Pakistan has at least been accused of letting Chinese engineers examine US stealth helicopter.

The some French politicians have condemned the US legal system for arresting one of their citizens on sex offence charges. Conspiracy theories are spewing.
(They may be onto something. Just as a general rule the most powerful men in the world usually get whisked away from trouble not disembarked from their flight in cuffs. Just something to think about.)

Japan continues to cover up the severity of its nuclear power plant meltdown. However it did admit it would be a problem for at 6 to 9 months. (that's all?)

EU debt crisis had its twists and turns. It is either getting better or worse depending on your source. So find your own.

In the US Congress is moving a bill to furthered empower the President to do just about anything. Militarily he will be able to engage “associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.”. Are protesters engaged in hostilities against the US? That's important because he can detain “belligerents” until the “termination of hostilities,” which we all no will never happen. Like the "war on drugs" (America likes war) the "Global War on the World Terror!!!" will never end. So needless to say unlimited imperial power forever. Sweet democracy sucks anyways. Ugh