Saturday, April 16, 2011

war brief

An Italian peace activist was killed in Gaza. Hamas says it was done buy Israel. Israel coined "Al Qaeda in Gaza" through their intel mis-direction website and said it was them.

Iran hates the Saudis who hold a threat of sectarian or ethnicity conflict over them every time they say Bahrain.

Western backed Hariri continues to punch above his weight, presumably at Saudi directive, and blames Iran for all the Arab problems.

Saudi mad mad at US. Cut oil production. High profile meetings with Pak and China.

Musharaf vows to return to Pak before elections.

Sadr has the Mahdi Army getting ready so if Maliki stabs him in the back and lets US troops stay. Openly declaring war on the day they over stay.

GCC accused of trying to co-op revolution by opposition.

March 14 of Lebanon accused of instigating trouble in Syria.

That’s your ME world at war today.

Joke of the Day. IMF says "Economic reality on streets not spread sheets" hahaha Now show me the spead sheets.