Sunday, April 10, 2011

Muckity Muck

Sad but true. Saudi Arabia has decided that democracy doesn’t work. Title says it all. However in the FP community the best read will be The Sweet Smell of the Counter Revolution in AT. After Suadi Arabia cowing all the Super (US-silent as as outer-space on Bahrain), Great (China- bigger importer of SA oil than the US), and Rising (Turkey- if you want to rise better not pick a fight with us was the message from SA that changed the Turks toon) powers. Now it has it's sight on all the revolutions, and is likely even rooting for President Assad to be there unlikely asset in that department (make a point... since Bahrain can't make news anywhere Syria can make a little (not to much the US and Israel what him to stay now… the bad mouthing and sanctions were only to keep Syria weak not to get the people representation)). These revolutions, in the Saudi mind set, need to crushed or if already taken place co-opted. Lesson of the day; Show them the road to fear and make them bow.