Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick smack down

When it comes to Iran some things are on the table in regards to name calling. The US establishment typically calls the President of Iran a dictator while at the same time referring to the establishment as a theocracy. A bit confusing to some. Here are a few reasons.

1, Iran is neither a theocracy nor a dictatorship and that's hard to explain without using big people words.
2, Most western leaders prefer to avoid the term Supreme Leader for egotistical reasons. Thus focusing on the President is easier.
3, Destroying the English language through befuddling nonsensical statements is a curious American political pastime. (See; humanitarian non-war bombing missions, the rendering of the word fascism to meaning little more than bad “now look over there at all the fascists!”, or referring to attacks on warships as terrorism “Hey you sank my cotton candy and hugs dispenser”)

For an exercise in futility you can read this wikipedia definition of fascism. My favorite part is not Orwell stating that the word "Fascism was almost meaningless” but this line.

Since the 1990s, scholars including Stanley Payne, Roger Eatwell, Roger Griffin and Robert O. Paxton have been gathering a rough consensus on the ideology's core tenets.

Good luck with that guys. Why not add a neo to it and give it a real hip new feel? Ooops that’s also been hijacked. Neo no longer means “new” in US politics. Now neo means Imperialist. Crafty buggers. I’d start my own language but I’m just more comfortable with pointing and grunting.