Sunday, April 10, 2011

The quickest Pak brief ever

This is the a must read if you want to know about Pakistanis condition and roll in the "Great game". Being a frontline state is not easy and it is even less easy to remove a state from that roll. Being a frontline state is often based more on geography than ideology. This being the case it is all but impossible to extricate from the roll. The writer not only covers the condition and key points but also offers suggestions as to what actions he believes Pakistan should take. What Pakistan Must Do
O Important point! It doesn't cover Baluchistan in great depth. The concept of disintegration is made but here is a little background.
It is a strategic port area.
It covers about half of Pakistan territory. While it only about 5 of the 180 or so million citizens of Pakistan.
Has most of the energy resources.
Could potentially be a free trade zone.
Great powers often break up non-compliant states. This makes them weak and dependant on outside protection.
It would be a boon for arms dealers not only to have a war but to have a new vassal state in need of an entire military.
The West almost child like obsession with Iran will come into play here.
It would be an offer hard to refuse if the backing to proceed came with an alliance with a super power. Especially if it meant escaping from Pakistan’s enormous debt.
There is an existing movement to succeed.