Saturday, April 30, 2011

Todays games in Libya and India

Gadhafis plan to use tribes to take and hold Misurata is shaping up… The Libya war had expanded into Tunisia (Should be expected as this is a strategic regional war involving States and Alliances of dueling interests. The adversaries China and the US via The spiteful alliance members Turkey-France via. While Saudi Arabia, with the GCC in tow, battle Iranian ghosts everywhere. Iran, Syria, Israel, and Egypt have to be jockeying in the mix somehow, perhaps strange bedfellows on this one?)… Wooo Hooo!!!

India rejected US fighter offer narrowing its options to either the French Rafale or the EU Typhoon. The US had offered its upgraded versions of the F16 and/or F18 fighters. The rejection seem sound on many levels.
1, It is likely to be domestically popular move. There is deep concern in India over overt alliances in the “great game”.
2, Perhaps it is a tactically prudent move. Pakistan uses the F16, India will benefit from increased cooperation with the EU
on strategic issues, also if India needs the US it is likely to be there. If that military alliance were to materialize it would be advantageous to have a wide array of weapons options.
3 It is financially a sound move by the Gov of India since the planes are less expensive.
4, It will be comforting to China and Pakistan both of which are distrustful of US intentions in the region.
5, It suits the non aligned image well.

The only down side is the US MIC is going to cry like a bunch of babies. "Why why why!!!" lol