Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Stephen Walt steps up again with a must read piece covering The top 5 reasons we keep on fighting these wars in an article called "Are we addicted to war". Strangely he also has a post titled the "The top 5 reasons we go to war" that makes the point of how misleading it was no certainty there was a humanitarian disaster if the US didn't act. I say "Again" because of this piece "Where Do Bad Ideas Come From". He obviously thinks the latter is more important based on his capitalization. HAHA just kidding it is better written but some of the same topics keep jumping out.
Jesse Ventura believes the system is broke, no kidding! He would consider running with Ron Paul if Paul drops the GOP. Paul does refer to the system as a two party dictatorship.  My advise to any third party or non affiliate would be get a publicist! "Two Party Tyranny" sounds way cooler. ...TPT I like that! Nothing like a good slogan! It would be the first legitimate actor to get elected to the
  Executive Branch since Fmr President Reagan if it were to happen. Maybe professional actors are what we need to replace the unprofessional ones that are currently being used.

Glenn Greanwald lamenting the irony of some racist law professor repeatedly calling to nuke Muslims because their violent. Furthering the obviousness that the US has always had a problem with racism and when the politicians, media, special interest groups/states seize on it the racism... well... it spirals out of control.

Apparently after reading Greenwalds piece Andrew Sullivan struck out at the "American Exeptionalism". The sanitized version of US Manifest destiny "American Exeptionalism" is the foundation for the unique brand of Nationalism displayed by the US. It is basically a simple notion that "Americans" are better than the people of the rest of the world. Of course being inherently better gives them the right to rule the world.