Friday, April 29, 2011

News Brief "sort of"

Hamas and the PA are reconciling, maybe. Israel says "peace talks" a no go if it happens. Many just roll their eyes at the notion of "Peace Talks" at this point anyhow. The clearest sign of a reconciliation happening will be the opening of the Gaza border with Egypt. Once this border opens it may very well stay open. So it may be a bargaining chip only once.

The coalition of the willing have put out an op-ed saying they will continue "humanitarian" non-war killing  in Libya until regime change takes place. Robot assassins have already begun their lifeless duty to destroy all that is not acceptable to the US in Libya.

The US is further militarizing the CIA (and the country) now putting a four star general in charge. That should be no surprise after the treatment of Bradly Manning. His treatment can surely be defined as extended "Enhanced Interrogation"  The Empire is coming home to the roost. 

Spooky security twitterers freak out and start screaming spy, more specifically "honey trap" (mmm yummy), over sexy security tweetete. Very funny!

I woke up this morning turned on the tv and bam. The Red Coats were on the move. I was terrified!
You can imagine my relief when I discovered that not only were the red coats in England but the most befuddling of the media talking heads had joined them!