Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt puts a glove on the fist

High Speed Counter Insurrection

1, Scare them by dominant position "meet the fist with a club". Show of force ”We have organization and weapons, you don't”. “Take the square" for a physiological and territorial conquest.
2, Give them no sanctuary; Put security forces in civilian cloths, use mercenaries, and use gangs. (The who’s
 who problem with the insurrectionists and it gives diplomatic cover internationally), disperse/displace, cut off food/water/communication lines, and remove every element of safety/hope (looting, riots, lethargic army, no police, and a general feeling of vulnerability).
3, Split them; Pro government forces are already using anti US and Islamic slogans. (Whose protest is this?)
4, Kill and jail those who won't quit and the rest get apathy.

Then the many are reoccupied by the few. The most brutal get metals, money, and don’t go to jail for these
  or their past crimes.

5, The real 1st in this case and critical in any;  Prevent outside backing (not that they would get much anyways); The Islamic forces will take over scare, better the devil you know, if I go down who's next (domino), we have a file on you (rendition, torture, etc), kill the coverage (disperse the scenes, make it to dangerous to cover, break the cameras, and intimidate the media), Suez Canal, and remind anyone who might get frisky "if we happen to find an outside enemy this country will unite".
This may be what’s happening.