Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Instead of "Frank" convos who ever Frank is

"We've been asking for reforms" Aparently we've always been the good guys according to Hillary. It might be a tough sell to protestors when we have and continue to support their enemy. They had the internet until a couple days ago, they might be briefed on the matter.

FP Tom Ricks posts this from this Blogger.
1, Support the protestors (Hearts & Minds)
2, Suspend aid to rulers (might not want to leave a vacume)
3, Ask Egyptians for friendship. Offer economic aid (Pro; include new market, it will build bonds to have assets there to help rebuild (hearts & minds), corps are great for intel and influence... Con; it'll be hard to do, there is risk involved in trying, for those risk averse force protection folks at home it's a tough sell )
4, Food aid, they will need it (They would be less inclined to "Bite the hand that feeds them". I'd be patient and take a few hits before committing to over throwing them (see Iran 1941).
5, Warn their neighbors about interfering (Protect them)

From my last post;
5,  The real 1st in this case and critical in any;  Prevent outside backing Interference (not that they would get much anyways); Islamic forces will take over scare, better the devil you know (US), if I  they go down
who's your next (domino), we have a file on you (rendition, torture, etc they already know we did it but who helped "how did wikileaks get that ooops"), kill the coverage (disperse the scenes, make it to dangerous to cover, break the cameras,  and intimidate the media), Suez Canal, and remind anyone who might get frisky "if we they happen to find an outside enemy this country will unite".

Previous Tunisia entry;
It can’t be stated any more clearly than this. If this fails the Arab mindset will be further disenfranchised from hope and the trouble that brings can be seen everywhere.

Help them. It's a good long term National Security strategy, it's pretty clear the current one is flawed incredibly flawed. States that have a bad history can over come them see Vietnam, Germany, and all of Latin  America (haven't killed nearly as many Egyptians).