Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why We Flattened Afghanistan?

Is 49,200 pounds of bombs an apropriate method for IED disposal. The US military says the answer is yes. Force protection at its finest? They have no idea how to fight this war? This is so far lost that are troops are loosing their minds?

(LT Col Flynn called together Tarok Kolache’s malek and the other area residents to let them know that he was planning, essentially, large-scale demolitions. (((however)))“We didn’t show them a plan and say, ‘We’re going to destroy everything in the village, is everyone OK with that?’” he says.) Hmmm wonder why not?

(Some locals have expressed dissatisfaction with the operation: Even an Afghan cop told an NPR reporter in Tarok Kolache on Monday that he was “very disappointed and very angry” that the village is no more.) Apparently some don't understand the "we have to destroy it to save it" method of operations. They may also miss the fact that force protection comes first, even if it means loosing the war.

What are those who are "very disappointed and very angry" to the US?
In the movie "A Time to Kill" the defence council asks the jury to close there eyes and imagine the brutal rape and attempted murder of the defendants daughter. This brutal rape and attempted murder led to the the defendant killing the perpertrators of that crime, and who he is being tried for murder for killing. He assumed there would be no justice in the court because his daughter was black and they were white. After asking the jury to imagine the rape of the defendants daughter he asked them to imagine the child was white. He was aquited. (1970s Canton, Missisippi)

I have my reasons for putting this here your invited to come up with your own list.
If you watch the movie because of this post watch it like a political scientist. "impunity, racism, economic classes, coruption, fringe groups, radicalism, populism, etc, and the institutionalization of them."