Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a rant

It seem to me that American control over the main stream media has no bounds. The original self censorship of the Egyptian uprising should be a serious cause for concern. However disconcerted that was it seems trivial to what has become a call for an uprising in Iran.
The Iranian green movement is a far cry from a domestically created organization. It is more or less a creation of ex patriots (many left with the Shah), special interests, and covert interference. Support and financing come primarily from the US and UK governments and their friendly “NGOs”.
This movement has all the trademarks of an organization that can be appealing to mass audiences. The green of the green movement is a color. The color has significance to the people of Iran however it is still   color. Colors don’t hold a great deal of significance thus they don’t alienate anyone.  
The call for change is wildly un-descriptive. Yes we here democracy but there are no democracies in the world, nor will there be one in Iran. There are democratic forms of government but the notion of democracy as a system of government would mean that all the leaders of government and every institution would be selected by the people. It is unfathomable that any state could operate under those conditions.
Further more on democracy. We hear calls for the ouster of a democratically elected president (of a contested election). We hear very little if anything about the theocracy nor the majis. Clearly a tactical maneuvers will occur later to sideline them with some form of over throw in the future, maybe a new Shah (American allied dictators are a foreign policy favorite in DC).
If the military of Iran were to seize power in Iran, as they have in Egypt, there would be an out cry from the west. The Iranian military has a close relationship with the current governance, as they did in Egypt, however the view from the west would be quite different.
What about executions? How is it America runs electricity through the bodies the hundreds of those Americans put to death doesn’t make the news but Iran puts to death one Iranian by stoning the world can be horrified.
While the western media did a terrible job covering the Egyptian uprising they have all but called for an Iranian one. Putting Sec. of State Clinton on every site supporting even directing protestors without even mentioning the less than embrace of the Egyptian protestors is a profound lack of journalistic integrity. Not mentioning the lack of direction while expanding the depth and breath of participation is the same. Is it fair that 100,000 plus dead Iraqis get no play time while one dead Iranian will spur Hollywood movies (see Ashanti) or 310 dead Egyptians non violent protestors are irrelevant but any dead violent Iranian ones will cover the web pages of news organizations round the world?  
It seem that the announcing the government line is back in full force.   
Sorry for the lack of links and direction to this piece. I found myself furious with the news and US policy and had to spew something. I’ll try to get back to it latter.